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What is BPS?

BEST Packing Services is a permanent and temporary staffing agency with three locations in Philadelphia. Founded in 2007, BPS has a long and proven track record of finding the best situation for both our clients and our employees. Our business doesn't work unless yours does, too. Find out how we can help you today.

Why choose BPS?


For prospective employees, we can offer you a wide variety of jobs, on different shifts and in a number of locations in Philadelphia, Southeast Pennsylvania or New Jersey. As for our prospective clients, we provide you a well-trained and job-ready workforce that can be ready to go whenever they are needed. 

FLEXIBLE EMPLOYMENT OPTION. Flexible work schedule allows prospective employees to choose how many days they can work per week. Whether you can only work one day, two days, or even five days a week, BPS can help to accommodate your needs.

How can BPS help you?

We work tirelessly for both our clients and employees. We have years of expertise in recruiting and staffing, and our team has the problem solving chops to tackle any issue head on. We offer the most flexible job options to offer our employees, and therefore, have the strongest employee pool to offer our clients.

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