Interview Process

1st Interview

Our initial interview doesn't focus on any particular job, but rather explains to you what we will need and expect from you as a BPS employee. We want you to be ready to go on Day 1

2nd Interview

Whenever you come back for your second interview, we will reinforce certain rules that both we and our clients have. We will also want to know about your background and what makes you right for the job

Job Placement

This is when you will receive your specific job assignment and will typically take place the day before you begin that job. You will get all the final details of the position and once again be reminded of the company's rules and regulations. 

Physical Tests

Most of our jobs require that we perform physical tests before you can be hired. This can consist of being able to lift various weights or assemble certain products that our companies may produce. 

BEST Packing Services, Inc. prides itself on having the BEST recruiting/screening process in the Greater Philadelphia area. At BEST Packing Services, we have a deep understanding of how each of our clients functions and we constantly strive to provide the highest quality workforce.


For our clients, we can perform a background check and/or drug test upon requests. Our company handles worker's compensation as well as supplying benefits for current temporary workers. As a leading staffing service provider, we play a vital role in shaping the workforce.


That’s why all BEST Packing Services, Inc. employees are properly screened and trained to follow the standard procedure of each company we service. We take pride in these qualifications as they add value to our business relationships and demonstrate commitment to our clients. 

SOUTH Office (MAIN) : 2320 S 22nd St Philadelphia, PA 19145

Phone: 215-755-4400 Fax: 215-755-4401

NORTH Office : 2230 N Front St Philadelphia, PA 19133

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NORTHEAST Office  :  3547 Ryan Ave Philadelphia, PA 19136

Phone: 215-333-2221 Fax: 215-333-2110

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am - 6.30pm (Main Office)

Monday-Friday: 11am - 5pm

Sunday: By Appointment

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