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Standard Procedures

  1. I understand that I am applying for a part-time or temporary job. There is no guaranteed job each day or that the hours are only between 0 – 40 hours a week. I will get paid on a regular rate based on my assignment’s state. The minimum wage in Pennsylvania is $7.25 per hour, the minimum wage in Delaware is $8.75 per hour and the minimum wage in New Jersey is $11 per hour. Beginning in January, the minimum in New Jersey will increase by $1 per year until it reaches $15. If I work more than 40 hours per week, the additional hours will count as overtime. Overtime wages are 1.5 times my standard pay rate. For example, if my pay rate is $7.25, my overtime wages will be $10.88. Lunch and dinner time will not be paid.

  2. I can work Monday through Sunday for 8 hours/day or until the shift is finished.

  3. I accept to work for BEST Packing Services Inc. in any location of our clients for either 1st shift, 2nd shift, or 3rd shift. I cannot choose a specific job.

  4. I have to call the office everyday for job confirmation before 1 pm for the next day or 11 am for an afternoon shift. If I don’t call the office within 48 hours after my last assignment, it means that I voluntarily quit.

  5. My employment can be terminated at any time by BEST Packing Services Inc., and I will notify BEST Packing Services at least 2 weeks prior to my resignation.

  6. I will notify BEST Packing Services Inc. if I am unavailable to work at least 3 days before the date of my day off by filling out the time-off request form (ORANGE PAPER). There is no guaranteed approval of my days off. No verbal requests allowed.

  7. I will notify the Agency Representative if I am absent due to sickness, a personal matter, etc. at least 12 hours or 1 day prior to absence. Without prior notification, I will be TERMINATED.

  8. Not showing up to work, not calling, or walking out is considered a voluntary quit or end to my assignment. Calling out for any reason may be cause for suspension or termination.

  9. I can maintain a good working environment inside and outside the company, follow company policies, follow company procedures, and meet the needs of the company.

  10. Each employee must clock-in and clock-out. DO NOT clock-in/clock-out for others.

  11. I understand this is general work, which requires standing, physical labor, and being able to lift up to 25 – 40 lbs.

  12.  I understand that the room temperature may be very cold (around 35°F) or very hot (around 100°F).

  13. I have to bring and wear my BEST Packing ID every day.

  14. No eating, drinking beverages, chewing gum, or using tobacco in the warehouse or production area.

  15. For safety purposes, all employees MUST wear steel-toed shoes. Failure to do so may cause me to be sent home, suspended, or terminated of employment.

  16. All employees are only allowed to wear long pants or jeans and proper clothes. Legs must be covered. NO short pants, NO sleeveless or mesh shirts, NO scarves, or anything covering the head that can cause an injury. Socks must be worn.

  17. All employees must wear gloves, hairnets, beard nets, and smocks when working. All jewelry must be removed, and no cell phone or headphones are allowed in the production area. Smocks are not to be worn in the bathroom or outside.

  18. Personal belongings or clothing should be stored only in the break room.

  19. No running, playing, or jumping around inside or outside the company area. This may end with suspension or termination of employment.

  20. I will keep good personal hygiene. All employees who leave the production area must wash their hands before returning to work (keep the bathroom and all work areas clean).

  21. No stealing or taking things without permission from the company or coworkers.

  22. No fighting or argumentation which may cause physical contact is allowed. This may end my employment.

  23. RESPECT OTHERS. Disrespect to another person may end my employment.

  24. Report every single incident to the Supervisor, Leader, and Agency Representative immediately.

  25. If any violation happens more than once, this may cause the end of my employment assignment.

  26. I understand that BEST Packing Services Inc. does not provide any transportation for employees. I am responsible for being on time at the job location, no matter how I get to the job location. I may drive my own vehicle, ride with a coworker, or take public transportation.

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